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Today is Jake Sims‘ turn. He is a great singer, he performed on the X Factor UK and he has released his new EP «Long Time Coming» a few weeks ago, and it is completely amazing.

We hope you enjoy the interview.


Men Fit style – What songs define the soundtrack of your life?

J – I’m pretty sure my track Long Time Coming pretty much sums that one up haha! I’m not too sure.. I feel I’ve always been influenced by Eminem- a few of his songs have always motivated me.


Men Fit style – How does it feel like being the center of attention?

J – I’m never centre of attention in every day situations.. I’m not surrounded by people that feel that way about me, that’d be weird! Only in certain situations this sort of thing arises- but I just give everyone the same amount of time and conversation when there’s a few people that want to talk to me at once- it’s not too difficult!CbU3fvQW0AAmQkn


Men Fit style – What clothes can’t miss in your closet?

J – I like wearing hoodies at the moment- you can chill in them & they’re comfy but if you combine it with a decent outfit they can look really cool as well.


Men Fit style – Who is your biggest support? Why?

J – The fans! They’re so loyal and really do so much more than a lot of people realise!


Men Fit style – Do you prefer cinema or theater?

J – I’d say cinema but I rarely go anymore! I’m not particularly interested in going to the theatre or musicals or anything like that. I think the last time I went to a theatre was on a school trip!


Men Fit style – The best movie you’ve ever seen…

J – A movie I really liked recently was The Martian, but my favourite film of all time.. That’s a difficult question! 8 Miles would be up there.. 


Men Fit style – Have you ever thought about creating a YouTube channel? (Youtuber, like dailies or something similar, challenges).

J – Not really something I’ve ever been interested in to be honest!



12044227-largeMen Fit style – What is the best way for singing in public without any shame?

J – Just be confident in yourself! If you enjoy doing it, go for it!


Men Fit style – In your opinion, a singer is born or is made?

J – I’d say you’re born into this kinda thing. My whole family have been musicians- my grandad was in a barber shop choir, my Nan was in a band back in the day! & my mum has been a professional singer for the last 15 years! I’ve always been around music so I think I was always gonna get involved in it.


Men Fit style – What are your musical influences?

J – Eminem, Ed Sheeran, Kendrick Lamar.



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